Eco Web Print was born after being frustrated at the ethical values of other printers. We couldn’t find anyone that met our ethical standards and our level of customer service that we receive in our other shops.

Maries Emporium
Maries Tea Room
So we set out to find how we can do a better job ourselves. All our shops use electricity from renewable energy and companies that reinvest in renewable and sustainable energy. We use recycled paper that has no plastic fibres added or coating’s, making it recyclable again. We are part of a carbon capture scheme meaning every time you buy from us your helping us raise money for the woodland trust. Our clothing stock and bags are made from 100% organic cotton meaning no chemicals have been introduced to them or the environment. Making a sustainable and greener place to live.

Within our other shops, we have implemented free water bottle refill stations got rid of around 90% of plastic packaging and have produced in Kent status. Along with packaging-free dry goods within our emporium.

If you have any questions or have any suggestions for us. Please let us know.